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6 Tarot Decks to Delight your Inner Child:

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“Play isn’t something separate from the daily grind of life. It is not something to finally get to when work ends. Rather, play, like music, is a force that we feel in our bones and that whispers in our heart. As kids demonstrate, play is not over there, but forever here and now.” ~ Vince Gowmon

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There are a vast array of Tarot decks available for the Tarot enthusiast and collector. As a mother of a young child, who is interested in Tarot and attracted to the imagery, she desperately wanted to learn and explore tarot as well.  Since many of the decks in my collection are not appropriate for children, it sent me on an exploration to find and purchase a few decks that would be fun and interesting for my daughter to use and play with.  In the course of this venture, I discovered that they also spoke to my inner child and I fell in love with the images as well.

I now have alot of Kid-friendy tarot decks, but wanted to pull out a few of my and my daughter's favourite decks, and showcase the beautiful art on them as well as some of the ways in which I have introduced Tarot to my 10 year old daughter Isabella, which has helped to explain each of the cards to her, and help her make her own connections to tarot and the artwork.

I have chosen 6 independant tarot decks to showcase, that I feel are fun, whimsical, engaging and colourful.  Each deck has it's very own sensibility but all of them use the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot system, following closely to Pamela Colman Smith's original artwork but with each deck's individual theme or artistic approach.

6 Kid-friendly Decks:

1. Sawyer's Path Tarot by Jaimie Sawyer

The Sawyer's Path Tarot is a very colourful deck with a tattoo art feel.  It is fun and engaging and has no borders or words which draws you in to the images alone.  This is an excellent deck for intuitive reading as it forces you to engage with the images and connect from a subconscious & "right-brain" perspective, much the way children do.  This is a deck I use personally, as well as for client readings as they very much enjoy the images.

2. Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen

The Crystal Unicorn Tarot is the fulfillment of the Unicorn frenzy that is still permeating the market.  My daughter adores all things unicorn and this deck delivers big time.  The artwork is pastel, and cartoon-style images with no human characters but strictly Unicorns as the characters experiencing the Fool's Journey.  One can't stop but smile and enjoy each image of a Unicorn as they create a tarot world of their own.  Very feminine and a particular favourite of my daughter and myself.  I use this deck regularly for client readings as well, with many clients also enjoying the imagery.

3. Trick or Tarot by DuckSoup Productions

Kids love Halloween and this deck is designed for the little monster in all of us.  It is not scary, but fun and engaging and is a lighthearted look at halloween from the child's perspective of Trick or Treating and candy and dressing up. Many of the images are vintage and reconnects the adult reader with the Halloween of our youth.  I break this deck out for the Samhain Season and many of clients enjoy the readings that come from this deck.  It is excellent for reconnecting with childhood memories and experiences.

High Priestess images comparisons provided for 

1. Sawyer's Path Tarot by Jaimie Sawyer

2. Delos Tarot by 

3. Crystal Unicorn Tarot by Pamela Chen

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Sawyer's Path Tarot Delos Tarot Crystal Unicorn Tarot

4. The Fairytale Tarot by Baba Studios

This deck is currently out of print however they recently released a small number with a single card reprint they had sitting around and that is how I got mine.  Baba Studios often re-releases old decks, and I wouldn't be surprised if this is one day revamped and released again so don't despair if it is on your "Holy Grail" list.  This is a beautiful deck that uses vintage images from vintage fairytale books, and uses the stories of the fairytales as a reference point to illustrate each cards imagery.  Again, it is colourful, engaging and draws the tarot reader in.  It also is a way to connect with fairytale  as a tool for furthering your knowledge and understanding of tarot.  Highly recommended and I use this mainly for personal use and as a beautiful collector deck I cherish.

5. Delos Tarot by Lamb Lamb

Delos Tarot is by a Korean Artist and it's imagery is reminiscent of childish art and the simplicity of minimalism.  The characters all look like children and hence it feels like entering the world of the child as well.  The colours are pastel and bright and the imagery is whimsical and fun.  This is my daughter's favourite deck and she did an unboxing that can be seen below.  It is very easy to read with if you follow the RWS system.

6. Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot

Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot is my absolute favorite deck and one of the first indie tarot decks I purchased.  I basically learned to read tarot on this deck, and it is just so much fun and enjoyable to read with.  There is an alternative feel to this deck and feels like an indie deck in that the artwork is unsophisticated, but engaging and very feminine.  It also has some darker elements in some of the challenge cards, but it works for this deck and as a mermaid deck, is the best available in my opinion.  I use this regularly for personal readings and it is a staple deck for my readings with clients.

The Fairytale Tarot Trick or Tarot Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot

High Priestess images comparison provided for 

1. The Fairytale Tarot by Babas Studios

2. Trick or Tarot by DuckSoup Productions

3. Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot

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Tarot Play for Kids

Kid-Friendly Tarot Decks

Everyone who has decided to learn how to read tarot, understands how complex and difficult it can be to do so.  Memorizing cards, or reading copious books and learning reversals and court cards; it is a daunting task at the start.

So when my daughter asked me about learning tarot, I decided that I needed to present it to her in a way she could enjoy and understand and also make each of the cards relateable to her life.  So I decided to give her the opportunity to make her own connections to each card, while offering words and insight as she went along.  Here are my top tips for helping kids to learn tarot:

1. Make it FUN!

Kids learn best through play, and tarot is an excellent tool for play, with all kinds of people and stories that can be created from the cards

2. Tell Stories

Make up stories for each card. Use your imagination and create a story around what is happening in each image.  Allow your child to tell you a story about the card and what they think is happening

3. Paper Dolls

Play dolls with the cards, put together families and create relationships and drama.  The bigger the drama the better, and give each Court Card character a name.  Who needs the Kardashians? 

4. Play Cards

Play cards games with the tarot.  Make up your own, or chose an old favorite.  To make it harder, add in one word keywords that need to be said for each card when they are used.  Go Fish!

5. Free Play

Finally, just give your child a deck to play with, allow them to look, touch, and use their own imagination to create any play that feels right at the time.  Some of the best fun and learning comes from personal interaction and time spent with the cards.

My Daughter Isabella Unboxing the Delos Tarot

Isabella was excited to have the Delos Tarot arrive, and decided that like her Mom, she wished to video a tarot unboxing and share with the world her impressions and enjoyment of the arrival of a very special kid-friendly tarot deck.  It is interesting to listen to her feelings and impressions of the RWS imagery interpreted in this very whimsical tarot deck  as it shows how much children enjoy and respond to the symbols and pictures of Tarot.  Images and pictures speak to the unconscious and offer us impressions and insights outside of the conscious thinking.  Children are especially influenced by the images and speak from an honest and authentic place of feeling.

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Tarot Play for Adults

Reconnecting with our inner child is a great way to process issues and wounds of the past and to give that part of ourselves the love and support we crave and/or may have lacked ourselves as children.  

Choose a deck that speaks to you, one that you would have liked or craved to have when you were a kid.  For me, I adore all things girly and feminine, and so most of my kid-friendly decks have a pastel, colourful or feminine feel to them.  But there are also tarot decks available that have a comic book feel, or are more male oriented.  It is just a matter of researching what's on the market.  But these 6 decks are a good start for anyone.  Certainly The Sawyer's Path Tarot, Trick or Tarot and The Fairytale Tarot are very gender neutral in their images and styles.

Kid-Friendly Tarot Decks

Don't make this time a working task.  This is meant to be fun and playful and a time for you to just enjoy and experience the wonder of the tarot as if you were a kid seeing it for the first time.  That being said, here are some tips for playing with the tarot and reconnecting with your inner child:

Kid-Friendly Tarot Decks

1. Art Appreciation

Just look at the cards, don't read them, or look at the words.  Just enjoy looking at the pictures the same way you did as a kid with a picture book you got from the library. 

2. Drawing Tarot

Take a card and draw your own image. Or trace the image with a paper and pencil overlay.  Remember doing that as a kid? Enjoy the experience of being creative with colour.  Don't worry if you aren't an artist, because you weren't when you were a kid either.  Just enjoy the experience of artistic expression. There are also several tarot colouring books on the market and you can order them through Amazon if you want the experience of colouring in tarot with the tracing requirement.

3. Memory Lane

Take a card from the deck and think back to an experience in your childhood or past in which you were in a similar situation.  Try to remember how you felt, what the situation was and how you dealt with it.  How would you deal with it now?

4. Tell your Life Story

Arrange the Tarot cards in order of the events of your life.  Making note where each of the card represents the journey you have been on, and think about how far you have come and what you have learned.

Kid-friendly tarot decks are not just for kids, but for the kid in all of us.  They are an opportunity to reconnect with our child parts and appeal to the inner child that loves the colour, whimsy and the innocence of the imagery.  Tarot is not just for divination, it is a tool for insight and growth, and it can just be a fun way to spend the afternoon with your child, making up stories or playing games.  But most of all it can be a way to give your own inner child an opportunity to play and express themselves without feeling the pressure to work.  These 6 Kid-friendly tarot decks are just some of the amazing tarot decks and art available to assist you in reconnecting to the inner child and play.  What are you waiting for?

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Love, love this deck! Its gorgeous sumptuousness delights the eyes, the pink metallic edging is such a beautiful unique touch- the imagery is so well chosen and put together, the colors are rich, card stock wonderful. What more can I say except I know this will be be not only a wonderful edition to my collectiion, but one I'll use too! Don't hesitate - snatch one up - you'll love it!

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I had never done a reading before but given some recent life events I felt that the universe was trying to tell me something. I found Wilma and was instantly comfortable. She was not what i would have expected. She exuded a warmth and calmness that made me more relaxed. I didn't want to convey too much personal information as i wanted to see how close she could read the cards and my situation. It was uncanny how she was able to point out some of my recent events that and how they were most likely going to play out. Don't hesitate to contact Wilma if you're considering a reading. She's a real gem.

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