Freyja, Norse Goddess of Love

Freyja, Norse Goddess of Love


Freyja is the Old Norse spelling for "Lady" and She is the Goddess of Love, fertility, beauty and has a fondness for fine possessions.  And as the Goddess of love, in all her shameless sexuality, She has often been denigrated for being overly free with her affections.  But Freyja has no shame for Her predelictions and enjoyment of sex and calls to all women to embrace their inner slut and carry no shame it, but rather revel in it.  

Freyja is of the Vanir tribe of dieties and along with Her brother Freyr, was assimilated into the Aesir Gods after the Vanir-Aesir War.  Because of Her passionate nature and free sexuality, She is often perceived as merely a blonde party girl of the Norse Pantheon.  But Freyja as far more than that, and in fact She is one of the most powerful and influential dieties of that tribe of Gods.

"Freya is the archetype of the völva, a professional or semiprofessional practitioner of seidr, the most organized form of Norse magic. It was she who first brought this art to the gods,[2]and, by extension, to humans as well." (Snorri Sturluson. Ynglinga Saga 4. In Heimskringla: eða Sögur Noregs Konunga.)

Freyja is the first Witch (volva)  and shaman of the Norse Pantheon and Seidr is the Norse shamanic practice of divination and magic. The Volva is a witch who practiced seidr as a service to the community, and much like all witches of ages past, was needed and feared in equal parts... much like witches are today.

"In the Viking Age, the völva was an itinerant seeress and sorceress who traveled from town to town performing commissioned acts of seidr in exchange for lodging, food, and often other forms of compensation as well. Like other northern Eurasian shamans, her social status was highly ambiguous – she was by turns exalted, feared, longed for, propitiated, celebrated, and scorned." (Price, Neil S. 2002. The Viking Way: Religion and War in Late Iron Age Scandinavia. p. 279-328.)

So like Freyja, who is my matron Goddess and Mother I am also a seeress and sorceress, plying my mystical, magical trade of tarot reading in support of myself.  This is the reason I have called my tarot boutique, "Freyja's Daughter", because I very much am, in all ways the image of my Mother, with all the gifts She has bestowed me.  Only now, instead of plying my trade from village to town, I am doing so on the digital highway. So I am happy to be of service to any and all.... So why not book a consultation?