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Professional Tarot Reader and Witch is offering irreverent, witty yet intuitive readings with an upbeat vibe for parties, events or festivities. I use beautiful and artistic independent artisan decks that offer a visual feast and I have casual, dressy or costumed outfits to suit any event, occasion or theme.
I have been studying and reading Tarot for over 25 years, and have been a practicing Witch for 30 years. I am witty and charismatic and offer readings that are not only fun and insightful, but fascillitate enlightenment for any questions asked.

I am available for private events, parties, corporate events and festivals. Also willing to offer workshops as well.

Booking Info

Price Range: Minimum 2 hours at $150/hour

Gig Length: 120 - 300 minutes

Languages: English

What to Expect

I arrive with a variety of high quality and visually stunning tarot decks that clients may choose from for the reading along with set and spiritual items to dress the table and environment to create a spiritually uplifting and mystical environment. I will dress casual, dressy or in gypsy costuming depending on the event or theme.

I am friendly, witty and engaging with clients, offering humour along with enthusiasm to create a warm and uplifting reading experience. I am self-sufficient, autonomous, and creative allowing you to enjoy and focus on the event.



A curvy green-eyed blonde of German/Dutch descent, Wilma Van Den Boomen is originally from rural Ontario and is currently residing in Toronto. Wilma has always had a passion for all things in the performing arts. She is also a Professional Tarot Reader for over 25 years, and a practicing Witch for 30 years facilitating Women's Spirituality groups and rituals, and attending pagan festivals.

She has a Bachelor of Arts Music degree from the University of Western Ontario where she studied classical piano and sang with the Music Faculty's Les Choristes choir for 3 years. She has also studied all forms of dance including ballet, modern and jazz, although her current passion is Tribalstyle Bellydance where she was until recently performing professionally with the Serpentina North Ensemble. She has performed all around Ontario as a professional bellydancer and has travelled to Seattle and Portland, USA for performances and conferences.

Her profession prior to her current pursuit of acting was as a Registered Nurse, and she has worked in that profession as an operating room nurse at Sick Kids Hospital, and most recently as a Homecare nurse in the community in Toronto. Wilma is a trained American Tribalstyle Bellydance instructor as well as a certified Yoga Instructor with Canadian Yoga Alliance. She has lived in Calgary in her twenties, and Scotland in her thirties and now finds Toronto her permanent home for the foreseeable future.

Wilma is a professional Tarot Reader and yoga instructor and enjoys connection and opportunity to help and enlighten clients in the mysterious revelations the tarot can bring.


Additional Booking Notes

low maintenance:
2 chairs and a small table.
suitable lighting for reading cards
Away from loud noises, to facilitate better readings

**a minimum of 4hours if event is far away, and expenses paid if overnight is required

Services Offered