Two Question Tarot Consultation

Two Question Tarot Consultation

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The 2 question reading offers the opportunity to explore 2 issues. 12 Tarot cards are drawn, 6 for each question.  

I love the connection that is made with clients and the insight and help that I can provide through tarot, and how this offers support and insight into your life and decisions.  I am also starkly honest and forthright and think humour is a brilliant coping mechanism.


The tarot cards are drawn using a spread appropriate to your questions which is insightful in divining the array of possibilities in store for you, and the messages that Spirit has for you to assist you on your life journey.

Book now to explore the mystery of the cards and the multitude of answers the tarot has to reveal to you in an enlightening and unique reading & life coaching experience. Order today to receive your video reading within 3 days.

What Happens When You Have Booked Your Reading?

Once you have ordered your reading you will receive a confirmation that outlines all of the information needed for your reading along with questions to be answered and returned.

All readings include:

  • Specific Personalised Tarot Spreads geared for your situation and questions
  • High-quality photograph of Tarot Spreads
  • Oracle Reading for a final message from Spirit Guides

Video Readings – You will receive photos of your Tarot and Oracle layouts and a link to your private video for download. 

**Email Readings – You will receive a PDF Report with your reading and photos.

All readings are video recorded, unless email is otherwise specified, and you are not able to access video.

Wilma Van Den Boomen of Freyja's Daughter



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